Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skills and Bike Fit with Hendo

Skills and bike fit

This week saw the final week of build before I enter a taper week leading into the 700km Terra Australis - 7 day stage race in the Victorian Alps.

So, with a little extra time on my hands I thought I'd so a few sessions to brush up on my MTB skills with local Australian rep XC rider Ben Henderson. Ben has coached for over 5 years and offers various services including skills coaching, race prep, nutrition advice and bike fit and setup etc.

Monday was at Stromlo, starting with basic cornering drills in the car park. The dirt cark park is a nice loose sketchy service, so getting the right weight distribution and angles is important.

We then spent time out on track, exploring lines and Ben analyzing my riding style.

All up, a 2 hr session was really good and I gained some great advice and homework from Ben!

Rather then do another on-bike session, I took Ben's advice to do a bike fit session with him and his Portuguese partner Alina (a qualified Physiotherapist).

A bike fit is something that has been on my list-to-do for a while, and I was happy to give Ben a shot.

The session started with Ali doodling lines on my back and knees, and having a poke and prod into my back and shoulders.  It was then onto the mtb bike on the trainer and some video analysis later, some poking a prodding whilst riding, and the consensus was to bring my seat down a little.

It was pretty clear in the video that my right leg was over-reaching and my left leg was weaker. It was also clear that my arse looks fat in those pants and I should lose another few kgs :)

Then it was onto seat level, horizontal position, cleat position etc Another small change, a 5 minute effort and more video later it was feeling good.

The biggest change to be made was to lose 20 mm from my stem - so new stems are ordering and I can't wait to try them out.

It was also clear I could probably go a medium frame in the Scott mountain bikes!

The roadie followed with again a seat drop and slight horizontal position change, a cleat position change and the need to drop 40mm from my stem!!

All up I think the fitting was beneficial and I look forward to the new stems arriving and trying them out.

Today was a fast and hilly 200km roadie and it felt good. Certainly no new soreness!

Tomorrow is a 100km mtb ride ...

So, if you want to brush up on some skills or get your bike setup improved drop Ben a line via his website -

But get in quick, before he heads overseas to race this years World Cup MTB circuit!

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