Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 Ring Circus - 50km

15th overall / 8th category


This weekend was a short 50km XC race in Wingello State Forest.

This was just a race for fun, as such a short race definitely does not play to my strengths.

So, after a full training week, and a moderate roadie on the Saturday, Robyn and I headed up to Bundanoon.

The girls were also racing - Robyn, Kylie, Kendra and Anne - and Garry was also meeting us up there.

The start was fast - with about 10km of fireroad. I managed to hang with the lead bunch almost until the single track, at which point a few smaller groups at formed.

Certainly I could feel the week gone by in my legs.

The single track was in great condition and super fun.

Coming back out on the fireroads, I was in a group of 6 riders. It was interesting seeing the various strengths - one guy would get away in the single track and we would get him back on the next hill. Another guy was a great climber, and another a good power house on the flat.

Once we got to Tangles the guy in front fell off the back. Eventually I got around him, but the group was just a bit too far out of reach.

I pushed through the final 15km of fireroad and came in 15th overall.

It would have been good to break the 2 hr mark - maybe next time with fresh legs.

I did not go into the race with my usual bike prep. Unfortunately my rear brake desperately needed bleeding, and there was many times I took a handful of brake and almost pulled back to the bar.

Also, my front fork lockout failed. So I rode the race with about 2 cm of travel! Oh well, the forks have been sent of the Fox to be repaired / replaced.

Food wise for the race, it was simply 4 Torq gels and one bottle of Torq energy (3 scoop) ... oh, and some yummy pancakes at the race end!

Next weekend is the Husky 100km ... still not quiet long enough for me, but still should be great fun!

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